Kisah Kami | Jolicare

"Live freely, even with sensitive skin."

Imagine a world where you can live freely. No worrying about your skin (or that of your loved ones).  Because you have products that just work.  That, is our story.

Our Story

We started in Malaysia, and is on track to helping individuals and families around the world to live freely with sensitive skin.

We design our products to be the best herbal sensitive skincare solutions in the world.

"Herbal. Effective. Freedom."

You'll only find products here that we ourselves are proud to share with our friends and family.

With Jolicare, one can live a truly free life, even with sensitive skin.

Our Mission

To inspire and empower families and individuals with itchy and sensitive skin to live freely.

Our Team

Customer is at the heart of our team culture. Our founder, Jolie started off as a customer herself.

After more than 10 years trying different medical treatments for her eczema skin conditions, she found no significantly effective solutions. And she was troubled with unhappy side-effects, just like a lot of our customers.

That's when we found the beauty of combining scientific technology with herbal active ingredients.

The result: herbal products that work.

And it all starts with our first product, Jolicare Cream.

Our Roadmap